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Tips on Planning A Perfect Indian Wedding

It is believed that Indian wedding does not remain restricted to the ceremony of tying of wedlock with the bride and the groom. It is actually the initiation of relationship between two families. Hence, lots of preparations are required for arranging an Indian Wedding DJ. Therefore, if are tying the wedlock in the purely Indian style then you have to keep in mind some considerations. Some of them have been established here. Watch out.

Fix up a date

If your are tying indian wedding dj london in the Indian style, you have to remember that the date has to be fixed by following certain religious rules. Therefore, it is mandatory for you to decide the Indian month in which you wish to tie the wedlock and then contact a priest or pundit for giving you the exact date, time and schedule when you can the nuptial tie with your bride.

Predetermine a budget

There is no fixed range for arranging a wedding. Thus, the expenses can go beyond your limits if you do not set up a budget. Hence, you have to determine the exact amount that you can spend for the wedding. This approach will not only serve you well when you are on a tight budget, it will also come in handy for you for creating a tentative estimation and narrowing down your choices according to that.

Prepare a guest list

The next thing that you have to do is to prepare a list of the guests. As Indian Wedding DJ is more of a family event so you have to think of the people who are very important for you and must attend the event. This list will help you in deciding about a number of arrangements like the food that you need, seating arrangements, etc.

Send the wedding list

Once the wedding list gets prepared, you have to start sending the invitation card. However, in case of the very close relatives you have to initiate the process of sending the invitation cards at least three months in advance. This should be followed by sending invitation card to the friends, associates and other relatives within one month of the nuptial ceremony. This gap is necessary because your invitees should also be given adequate time for preparing themselves so that they can attend the invitation.

Choose a venue

Finally, you have to start hunting for the venues that come within your budget as well as fit with the theme that you have selected for your wedding. For this, you can contact the event organizers of your area and seek their help. Additionally, you can also make personal visit to the wedding venues in your preferred area, talk to the concerned authorities, know if they are available on the date you have scheduled for the wedding and the corresponding fees that they will charge.

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